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No. we are NOT neuro linguistic programming

Posted: Sunday, September 13, 2009
At : 3:21 PM

Whole Mind Success is NOT neuro-linguistic programming

We are sometimes asked by clients are you NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming?
Our answer has always been NO because we are not.

NLP began in the 1970s and over the next decade its early proponents went through the courts to defend their claims.

We would like to refer you to an article written in 2007 by an attorney, Anthony J Fejfar.
The title is
Disinformation and the Dangers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The full article is available at this webpage:

Meanwhile, our Whole Mind Success methods, based on proven methods of increasing creativity and enabling innovation, continue to be used by creative people worldwide.

A pre-publication booklet of excerpts from the forthcoming book Don't Think, Don't Blink is available at Amazon:

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