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International Creativity Conference

Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2007
At : 10:49 PM

American Creativity Association's International Conference

For all those interested in enhancing their creative talents or that of their employees, the place to be is the next International Conference of the American Creativity Association (ACA).

This week-long conference hosts the world's leading creativity experts presenting the latest research and development in creativity.

We at Whole Mind Success have been invited to present our unique methods of enhancing Creativity and Innovation - both in the Sciences and in the Arts - at this world renowned conference.

The phenomenally positive feedback from our recent Asian Seminar Tour has led to requests from organizations such as the ACA for our seminars.

For more information on Whole Mind Success, visit our website:

We look forward to seeing some of you there.

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American Creativity

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2007
At : 9:20 AM

The question asked last week was:

"What about us, here in the USA? - are we, as a country, helping to promote and nurture the innate creativity of our people?"

We will begin, once again, with Singapore, whose government promotes creativity, and where Whole Mind Success seminars were recently held.

Singapore is the host for next year's "2008 International Conference on Creativity"

What does this have to do with American Creativity? - well, the good news is that these annual International Creativity Conferences are the brainchild of our own, home-grown American Creativity Association (ACA).

So what does the ACA do? - To quote from their core values and principles:

"The ACA views creativity as a discipline and defines the field in broad terms to include psychological and social processes as well as implementation processes (innovation) and impacts.

The ACA acts as a forum for professionals seeking to explore and develop traditional and new ideas and technologies that promote creativity."

"Develop traditional and new ideas and technologies that promote creativity." is what Whole Mind Success has done for over 20 years. Our methods and techniques integrate new research in brain imaging and the traditional practice of Silence to develop and release each individual's creativity. Whole Mind Success was active in the field of Creativity a few years before ACA held its first creativity conference entitled "Catch the Vision, Experience the Excitement."

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Asia - the New Creative hub?

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007
At : 4:25 PM

What my recent tour of Asia revealed was that many countries - Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia are now actively exploring CREATIVITY - with some governments actually funding "the psychology of creativity".

In the late 90s, a Taskforce in the UK defined creative industries as:

"Those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property"

- UK Creative Industries Taskforce,
Creative Industries Mapping Document, November 1998

In 2005, in Singapore, a government department recognized that he architects of the new global economy are those who apply imagination, creativity and knowledge to generate new ideas and create value for the client. They stated that the new currency of success would be "Multi-dimensional creativity - artistic creativity, business entrepreneurship and technological innovation"

A local Singapore college has a "Psychology of Creativity" department, which studies and verifies some of the methods used in Whole Mind Success seminars, and is training the local workforce to unlock their creativity.

In this environment, our Whole Mind Success seminars were greeted with great enthusiasm. Both full day seminars were sold out, and attendees were asking us to present more seminars in their country, and giving us names of potential clients.

What about us, here in the USA? - are we, as a country, helping to promote and nurture the innate creativity of our people? What do you think?

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Asia - The Next Creative Hub

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007
At : 8:40 AM

It's good to be back home - back to this great country of ours, and back to lovely Southern California.

After visiting several countries in Asia and meeting both business owners and employees, I am amazed at the changes taking place in the so-called "third world" (or, as some say, the "second world")

Many will recall a recent bestseller; The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. We learned that not only do Asians manufacture many products for us, but that they are also providing many services we thought they could not do. We know all about the call centers and clever software programmers who work for half the US wage - helping to make our American companies more profitable in the Global Economy.

How many of us also know that skilled services such as accounting, tax returns and X-ray readings are also done in Asia? For the Video Gamers out there, some of your games and graphics are now being designed and developed outside our shores.

So, no longer are our Asian fellow world citizens "merely copying", or doing "unskilled" jobs, but they are already involved in highly skilled and even creative realms.

What my lengthy tour of Asia revealed was that many countries - Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia are now actively exploring CREATIVITY - with some governments actually funding "the psychology of creativity".

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Unwinding during the Holidays

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2007
At : 10:24 AM

As we finish this holiday week it is a good time to reflect on the American practice of relaxation. With the July 4th holiday falling mid-week it is interesting to note the large majority of Americans who were unable, as a result of company policy or personal attitudes, to take a real vacation.

Anecdotally we noticed a large portion of people who despite lack of focus and motivation, due to the holidays, still decided to work at least half days on Thursday and Friday.

Why do Americans avoid holidays? Why do we not allow time off for rest and contemplation?

As part of the Whole Mind Success program we teach that reflection and inner thought is vitally important to the creative and productive process. People need vacation and rest in order to be more productive and creative.

While we may be unable to convince you with this blog to take a week off we can teach you to open your mind to creative processes and unlock the silence.

As this holiday week comes to a close may we suggest that you take a break for you.

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What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007
At : 11:56 AM

The word Entrepreneur has been thrown around a lot lately. In a country that thrives on capitalism at its most concentrated , we are inundated with the romantic idea of the average Joe or Joanne throwing off the shackles of corporate America and becoming an Entrepreneur with nothing more than an idea and the will to make it happen.

Unfortunately most of these tales do not have a happy ending as a vast majority of small businesses never make it to the fifth year of existence. The reason?

Well there are a multitude, but one of the main reasons is the misunderstanding of what Entrepreneurship represents. Being an Entrepreneur is more than just having a good idea. It means being part leader, part manager, part salesman, part creative director all while bearing the stress of taking on multiple roles while attempting to achieve maximum profitability.

An Entrepreneur means transcending the typical "right brain" and "left brain" mentality and utilize the "whole mind", thus increasing the focus, productivity, and creativity necessary to achieve the goals an entrepreneur encounters on a daily basis.

Whether it is the attorney who wants to start her own firm, the plumber who chooses to go on his own, or the online merchant who decides that there is money to be made outside of EBay, the Entrepreneurial spirit might shine, but like a diamond, there are many facets, each more important than the last, and the proper usage of Whole Mind techniques is essential in transforming a diamond in the rough into a true jewel.

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Who is Creative?

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007
At : 9:01 AM

While skipping through television channels yesterday I came upon the program "American Choppers". For those who have not viewed this show; it chronicles the lives of a family of custom motorcycle builders as they work on special projects and designs.

During this particular program they were tasked with building a custom bike to be used by a guitar manufacturer in marketing at events. As part of the show the main characters visited the guitar manufacturing plant and toured their design studio.

It was there that the group discussed creativity and how the guitar company's "designers" developed new guitar designs. It was eluded in the discussion that only the "designers" develop the unique products while the workers build them.

At Whole Mind Success we recognize that not only can "designers" develop innovative ideas but employees throughout the ranks, with proper training, can be as creative as any special "designer".

This point was better demonstrated when later in the program, during the bike build up, the fabricators added some personal touches and creative elements that made the finished bike shine. Their creative use of special skills added to the design and further enhanced the total creativity and uniqueness of the project.

Creativity is not limited to the special few; rather it is open to all who allow for creative thought.

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What is Creativity?

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
At : 5:15 PM

In January 2000, the British government's response to a report published by the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education (NACCCE) helped implement a revised nationwide curriculum for creative and cultural education.

The NACCCE report stated that each one of us is, or can be much more creative if given the opportunity.

They defined creativity as involving thinking and behaving imaginatively. This imaginative activity is purposeful and must generate something which is original and of value.

Creativity is being imaginative and inventive; challenging conventions and taking risks.

Several studies have shown that we are naturally creative, but that our environment and a "left brain" educational system help us "unlearn" our natural creativity.

The good news is that our creativity can be reawakened by simple, practical methods - methods that will help remove the barriers to our becoming innovative leaders.

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Thank You to the Thousand Oaks Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2007
At : 9:57 AM

On Friday April 13 Whole Mind Success was invited to present to 85 small business owners at the Los Robles Greens.

The customized presentation condensed a full day seminar into 45 minutes of bullet points and general concepts. Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive with everyone lauding Whole Mind Success as a great tool for bringing creativity into their business.

A great success for the chamber and Whole Mind Success. We enjoyed the meeting.

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Expanding the Horizons for Executives

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007
At : 9:27 AM

Executives who want to excel at their daily tasks while also making creative contributions to their organizations will benefit from Whole Mind Success seminars.

They will learn how to enhance the skills required for innovation and leadership. Discover how to identify goals and maximize their abilities to achieve them. Remove old thought patterns which prevent innovation and enhance their ability to trigger break throughs in perception and creative insight.

Whole Mind Success seminars show you how to Unlock the Silence providing the framework for creativity even in the daily chaos of corporate life. These techniques will enhance the various skills required to be an effective executive.

... to be continued

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The First Hurdle to Opening Our Minds

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2007
At : 10:38 AM

There is, however, one serious challenge to achieving this reprogramming and thus improving our mental prowess.

We must first learn how to enter a state of mental silence, which is a significant challenge for many of us in today's world, where our senses are constantly bombarded. We also know that most people are rarely able to quiet their minds; there is always self-talk, good and bad, in all of us, which prevents a clear perception of pressing issues.

Recent neurological studies and brain imaging techniques clearly demonstrate the power and effectiveness of silence in the reprogramming process.

This is where Whole Mind Success seminars are unique; you actually achieve a quiet mind, and then begin the reprogramming process, which results in profound insights, and produces the ideal solution to any problem. The result is a tremendous increase in creativity and problem solving skills.

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Seminar Participants Say...

Posted: Friday, January 12, 2007
At : 2:49 PM

Recent participants in Whole Mind Success seminars have expressed their success stories to us and others. They learned specific methods to improve not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

Here are a few excerpts from our satisfied clients:

"It was an eye-opening experience that helps me in business, my family, and as a marathon runner."

"I was impressed with Bala's 21 day approach to building positive new habits, my problem solving skills have grown tremendously."

"It was and will be extremely beneficial to me in my career, tennis and home life"

"My time was very well spent - applies to my goal setting, communication and managing my stress"

"An uplifting and affirming experience"

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