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Creativity and Remembering the Past

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2009
At : 11:46 AM

We have a new President in this wonderful Democracy of ours.
Creativity appears to be necessary to secure our future and that of our children.
Teaching children how to develop their innate creativity and encouraging creative behavior in our Educational Institutions is the way to ensure our continued leadership in the world.

Instead of cutting funding for our schools and scientific endeavors, we should be cutting the multi-billion dollar waste in a bloated system.
Decades of work at the Fermi particle accelerator have been thwarted by politically motivated budget cuts. This, of course, is now in the past (even if it occurred just last year).

Now, once again, we have the chance for a new beginning - a Brand New Day.
Yet the talk shows are still scraping the bottom of the barrel as they try to live in the past.

From which part of our brains are these old memories recalled?

The parietal lobe has an important role in memory, particularly in what Neuroscientists call Episodic Memory.
Episodic Memory is a brain/mind system that allows us to remember past events and experiences in our lives.
Previously there had been some discussion as to whether the parietals role was only for imagery and spatial memory.
However recent studies of patients with bilateral parietal lobe damage have confirmed the critical role of this area of the brain in the recollection of episodic memory.

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