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Our Busiest January

Posted: Thursday, February 7, 2008
At : 1:52 PM

January is usually a slow month - what with the holidays and companies planning for the year.

Surprisingly, we at Whole Mind Success have had our busiest January to date.

Three full-day seminars and two half days were received with great enthusiasm by our clients.

This month we head off to the annual conference of the American Creativity Association - a week long gathering of the world's foremost authorities on Creativity and Innovation.

Our founder, Bala Kanayson, has been invited to present a paper on Whole Mind Success and its intrinsic role in Creativity and Productivity. During his time there, Bala will also conduct several seminars for local corporations.

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The Heat of Summer

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007
At : 9:17 AM

With summer in full swing it is time for aggressive business owners to plan for the fall. Traditionally many people believe that the summer is a time of lax work and little to no business activity. On the contrary, most established businesses find this time of year to be the most productive.

The question you should ask is why?

As part of Whole Mind Success techniques we teach about the importance of relaxation for clarity. During the summer months people automatically give themselves a break. Whether it is a 3 day weekend, week long trip, or the afternoon off the summer time almost forces people to take a break for themselves.

By stepping away from the hustle and bustle business owners can bring clarity to thought and begin to tap the sub-conscious mind. So for your sake and the sake of the business take this afternoon off.

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Unwinding during the Holidays

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2007
At : 10:24 AM

As we finish this holiday week it is a good time to reflect on the American practice of relaxation. With the July 4th holiday falling mid-week it is interesting to note the large majority of Americans who were unable, as a result of company policy or personal attitudes, to take a real vacation.

Anecdotally we noticed a large portion of people who despite lack of focus and motivation, due to the holidays, still decided to work at least half days on Thursday and Friday.

Why do Americans avoid holidays? Why do we not allow time off for rest and contemplation?

As part of the Whole Mind Success program we teach that reflection and inner thought is vitally important to the creative and productive process. People need vacation and rest in order to be more productive and creative.

While we may be unable to convince you with this blog to take a week off we can teach you to open your mind to creative processes and unlock the silence.

As this holiday week comes to a close may we suggest that you take a break for you.

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Productivity and Outsourcing: How to keep American Jobs

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2007
At : 9:41 AM

Job Outsourcing has been a growing concern in our country for quite some years now.

It initially began with the easy repetitive jobs done by unskilled workers, but today it involves the outsourcing of so-called knowledge worker's jobs. All of these tasks have mainly used the Left Brain, and they can eventually be shipped to any country with a cheap, educated, labor force.

So what can we do?

Rather than lament the inevitable tide of progress, American workers need to focus on our other talents - our great tradition of Creativity and Innovation. We are in the post-industrial age today, an age where America must lead the world in the conceptual arena - coming up with new ideas and concepts, developing and using our inherent creative and innovative skills.

These skills require not only the utilization of the Right Brain, but they also need us to learn to use our Whole Mind.

Using the Whole Mind means using both halves of our Brain, our Conscious and Subconscious minds, and unleashing the power of Silence, which leads to true Innovation and Creativity - both of which happen to be the end result of practicing Whole Mind Success.

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Expanding the Horizons for Executives

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007
At : 9:27 AM

Executives who want to excel at their daily tasks while also making creative contributions to their organizations will benefit from Whole Mind Success seminars.

They will learn how to enhance the skills required for innovation and leadership. Discover how to identify goals and maximize their abilities to achieve them. Remove old thought patterns which prevent innovation and enhance their ability to trigger break throughs in perception and creative insight.

Whole Mind Success seminars show you how to Unlock the Silence providing the framework for creativity even in the daily chaos of corporate life. These techniques will enhance the various skills required to be an effective executive.

... to be continued

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It was as if, for the first time, I was really seeing

Posted: Friday, February 16, 2007
At : 1:30 PM

... a comment from one of our participants at last week's Whole Mind Success seminar.

Steve J who studied film at the famous Brooks Institute, runs his own business production company that provides custom video and television production to businesses.

For someone in the film or photography industry, the ability to truly see clearly, to observe "what is", rather than what we think we see, is essential to ensure the transition from good to great.

Great filmmakers possess a wealth of qualities, three of which are:

Creativity: Great filmmakers are truly creative, producing ideas for the story, the music and all the elements of great film-making.

Vision: Great filmmakers have wide-ranging vision and visualize a film from the initial concept through to the final product. They are consummate goal setters who always focus on their final goal.

Decisiveness: Great filmmakers are able to make high quality decisions based on detailed observations (data) and a clear understanding of their final goals. They ensure that these decisions are acted upon in a timely manner to help ensure that production schedules are met.

The science-based techniques of Whole Mind Success give people from a variety of backgrounds the tools to become more creative, productive and innovative.

Methods for effectively setting and achieving goals, and techniques to ensure the best decisions are some of what you will learn at our seminars.

Whether you are in film or photography, the arts or the sciences, management or being managed, Whole Mind Success methods ensure that you reach the next level in your field - from good to truly GREAT.

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Seminar Participants Say...

Posted: Friday, January 12, 2007
At : 2:49 PM

Recent participants in Whole Mind Success seminars have expressed their success stories to us and others. They learned specific methods to improve not only at work, but also in their personal lives.

Here are a few excerpts from our satisfied clients:

"It was an eye-opening experience that helps me in business, my family, and as a marathon runner."

"I was impressed with Bala's 21 day approach to building positive new habits, my problem solving skills have grown tremendously."

"It was and will be extremely beneficial to me in my career, tennis and home life"

"My time was very well spent - applies to my goal setting, communication and managing my stress"

"An uplifting and affirming experience"

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