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Radio - TV - Internet

Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2009
At : 11:53 PM

The "new" media began when Radio broadcasts were more widely available in the 1920s, with president Hoover calling it an Instrument of Learning and Beauty.

Then in the early 40s we saw the growth of Television broadcasts in the USA, and eventually the 1990's made the worldwide web, the Internet, available to the public - and the new Information Age took off.

Radio has recently seen a revival, with increasing numbers of people listening to programs on the internet. In fact recent surveys report that one in three people now listen to the radio via the internet.

The internet, of course, is also a great resource for Education and Training. The number of students doing on-line degrees has risen, and nearly 4 million students have taken at least one on-line course.

Whole Mind Success is also offering some of its methods on-line. We will be helping to develop a Creativity curriculum as part of a new Global Learning website.

We expect that this will provide the opportunity for many more people in our international community to learn practical methods to increase their creativity - and to do so whenever they choose, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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Executive Flexibility

Posted: Monday, April 2, 2007
At : 12:01 PM

Executive flexibility is a necessity for success in today's rapidly changing work environment.

  • Executives who used their technical skills effectively at lower levels are often unable to successfully switch to the cognitive skills required at the strategic levels of senior management. To be successful, executives need a broader perspective when dealing with the complex strategic problems at the executive level.
  • Successful executives need to have the emotional stability to remain calm and confident during crises. They must exhibit consistent behavior and be able to handle pressure without angry outbursts or moodiness.
  • Successful executives need tact and diplomacy, always exhibiting sensitivity, and consideration. They cannot afford to be defensive about failure or to blame others, especially subordinates for their mistakes. Instead they need to accept responsibility, and move forward instead of dwelling on the failure.
  • Truly successful executives have great integrity. They are never so ambitious as to advance their own careers at the expense of others or of their organizations. They are considered less dependable because they betray a trust or break a promise.

Many executives have successfully used Whole Mind Success techniques to enhance their cognitive skills, to increase sensitivity and to reduce their stress levels.

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A Little Background on Bala Kanayson - Creator of Whole Mind Success

Posted: Saturday, December 23, 2006
At : 12:42 AM

Born in the wealthy island state of Singapore, Bala Kanayson, founder of Whole Mind Success, traveled the world, before finally deciding to settle down here, in the United States of America.

Educated in Singapore and England, Bala is a Chartered Engineer (Aerospace) and a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

While working for Rolls-Royce Aerospace in England, Bala's research work was noticed by his company's competitors. He was soon offered jobs in research and design by both Pratt & Whitney and GE Aircraft Engines; which took him to Canada and the USA. In addition to his education in engineering and stress reduction, Bala has studied neurology and psychology. He combined these fields to develop Whole Mind Success; a practical method of increasing creativity and productivity, while leading a balanced life.

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