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Whole Mind Success provides professional seminars, keynote addresses, and training for corporations and organizations. Welcome to our blog


Dementia, CEOs, Whole Mind Success

Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010
At : 10:47 AM

What causes dementia?

Dementia is due to changes in the brain that can be caused by various factors such as Stroke, Head Injuries and Tumors.

Other factors include an underactive Thyroid gland, fluid buildup in the brain and Vitamin B12 deficiency.

The latter factors, fortunately, can be readily treated, as can the dementia-like symptoms caused by depression or the wrong combination of medicines.

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Creative Young Music Lovers

Posted: Monday, October 5, 2009
At : 11:53 PM

The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada, has reported conclusive proof that immersion in the musical arts increases creativity.

Young children who were educated in music, and continued to immerse themselves in it, showed increased brain development, higher IQ test scores and were "happier children"

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Innovate Today & Profit Tomorrow

Posted: Tuesday, August 25, 2009
At : 3:10 PM

As we said last week, now is the time for business owners and managers to develop creative ideas for new opportunities.

History shows us that during difficult times those who are still creative will prosper when the inevitable recovery occurs.

During the Great Depression, DuPont went ahead with its work on nylon and neoprene, adding to its increased profitability in the ensuing years. Visionaries also launched new companies such as HP and Texas Instruments – both of which are household names today.

In fact, even with the double whammy of 9/11 and the ensuing economic downturn, Apple's creative team launched the iPod, a product which is now known even in the deepest jungles of Borneo.

Our clients who are using Whole Mind Success techniques and funding creativity even in these difficult times are positioned to be first out of the gate with innovative products when the economy recovers.

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Our Brain on Humor

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2009
At : 1:12 PM

In Vol 40, Issue 5 of Neuron, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging ( fMRI) to study how the brains of 16 healthy adults responded to funny cartoons.

The brain scans detected areas of the brain that activated when the subjects found the cartoon funny.

The study showed that in addition to areas of the brain involved in language processing, humor also activated the “reward centers” of the brain such as the amygdala, which releases dopamine. plays a vital role in the brain's mesolimbic reward system.

The findings may help explain the hedonistic aspects of humor and could lead to new treatments for depression.

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American Creativity

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2007
At : 9:20 AM

The question asked last week was:

"What about us, here in the USA? - are we, as a country, helping to promote and nurture the innate creativity of our people?"

We will begin, once again, with Singapore, whose government promotes creativity, and where Whole Mind Success seminars were recently held.

Singapore is the host for next year's "2008 International Conference on Creativity"

What does this have to do with American Creativity? - well, the good news is that these annual International Creativity Conferences are the brainchild of our own, home-grown American Creativity Association (ACA).

So what does the ACA do? - To quote from their core values and principles:

"The ACA views creativity as a discipline and defines the field in broad terms to include psychological and social processes as well as implementation processes (innovation) and impacts.

The ACA acts as a forum for professionals seeking to explore and develop traditional and new ideas and technologies that promote creativity."

"Develop traditional and new ideas and technologies that promote creativity." is what Whole Mind Success has done for over 20 years. Our methods and techniques integrate new research in brain imaging and the traditional practice of Silence to develop and release each individual's creativity. Whole Mind Success was active in the field of Creativity a few years before ACA held its first creativity conference entitled "Catch the Vision, Experience the Excitement."

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Asia - the New Creative hub?

Posted: Friday, August 24, 2007
At : 4:25 PM

What my recent tour of Asia revealed was that many countries - Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia are now actively exploring CREATIVITY - with some governments actually funding "the psychology of creativity".

In the late 90s, a Taskforce in the UK defined creative industries as:

"Those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property"

- UK Creative Industries Taskforce,
Creative Industries Mapping Document, November 1998

In 2005, in Singapore, a government department recognized that he architects of the new global economy are those who apply imagination, creativity and knowledge to generate new ideas and create value for the client. They stated that the new currency of success would be "Multi-dimensional creativity - artistic creativity, business entrepreneurship and technological innovation"

A local Singapore college has a "Psychology of Creativity" department, which studies and verifies some of the methods used in Whole Mind Success seminars, and is training the local workforce to unlock their creativity.

In this environment, our Whole Mind Success seminars were greeted with great enthusiasm. Both full day seminars were sold out, and attendees were asking us to present more seminars in their country, and giving us names of potential clients.

What about us, here in the USA? - are we, as a country, helping to promote and nurture the innate creativity of our people? What do you think?

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Asia - The Next Creative Hub

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007
At : 8:40 AM

It's good to be back home - back to this great country of ours, and back to lovely Southern California.

After visiting several countries in Asia and meeting both business owners and employees, I am amazed at the changes taking place in the so-called "third world" (or, as some say, the "second world")

Many will recall a recent bestseller; The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman. We learned that not only do Asians manufacture many products for us, but that they are also providing many services we thought they could not do. We know all about the call centers and clever software programmers who work for half the US wage - helping to make our American companies more profitable in the Global Economy.

How many of us also know that skilled services such as accounting, tax returns and X-ray readings are also done in Asia? For the Video Gamers out there, some of your games and graphics are now being designed and developed outside our shores.

So, no longer are our Asian fellow world citizens "merely copying", or doing "unskilled" jobs, but they are already involved in highly skilled and even creative realms.

What my lengthy tour of Asia revealed was that many countries - Singapore, Taiwan, India, and Malaysia are now actively exploring CREATIVITY - with some governments actually funding "the psychology of creativity".

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Back to work

Posted: Friday, August 10, 2007
At : 9:32 AM

Whole Mind Success is back in the states after a whirlwind tour of Asia. More to come...


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Whole Mind Success in Asia

Posted: Friday, August 3, 2007
At : 8:24 AM

Whole Mind Success is currently touring Asia to provide our productivity and creativity courses to the English speaking countries in this region.


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Because I Said So

Posted: Friday, July 27, 2007
At : 1:04 PM

Ah, the life of a parent. All the books, advice from family and daytime television you can muster combined cannot prepare you for what lies ahead for a new parent. For those without children, it's hard to imagine that such a small fragile person can make such an impact on your life and for those of us who are parents, its hard not to imagine. There isn't a second that goes by that I do not think about my son, how much I love him and making sure that I am making the right decisions for him.

Yet for all of its joy and wonder, as that child begins to grow...and eat...and grow... The joy that child can sometimes bring along another emotion... aggravation. As our precious little ones mature past the terrible twos, through the frustrating fives, beyond sarcastic sevens (where my son currently resides) and into the (gulp) teenage years we begin to understand what our parents meant when they said "I hope one day you have children who act just like you". I believe that many of us tend to forget that although our children are young, they are intelligent human beings with the ability to communicate.

In many cases, it is us the parents who forget how to communicate with our children. Just as communicating with our colleagues at work is important in accomplishing tasks, communicating with our children is paramount in their rearing and development. Whole Mind Success techniques have been proven to not only improve productivity in the workplace, but also improve relationships with our spouse and children. So remember to communicate with your children because they will be the ones who choose your retirement home.


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The Heat of Summer

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007
At : 9:17 AM

With summer in full swing it is time for aggressive business owners to plan for the fall. Traditionally many people believe that the summer is a time of lax work and little to no business activity. On the contrary, most established businesses find this time of year to be the most productive.

The question you should ask is why?

As part of Whole Mind Success techniques we teach about the importance of relaxation for clarity. During the summer months people automatically give themselves a break. Whether it is a 3 day weekend, week long trip, or the afternoon off the summer time almost forces people to take a break for themselves.

By stepping away from the hustle and bustle business owners can bring clarity to thought and begin to tap the sub-conscious mind. So for your sake and the sake of the business take this afternoon off.

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Where in the Heck are My Keys?

Posted: Friday, July 13, 2007
At : 8:21 AM

1492, 1776, 1865, 1969. Do any of these dates ring a bell, or is it muddled along with your PIN number, your driver's license number and your mom's birthday? You know what they say about getting older: "the first thing to go is your memory". When you consider how much we are expected to remember, is it any wonder why our memory seems to fade soon after we become full fledged adults?

Becoming an adult usually means being inundated with such "tasks" as careers, children, mortgages, utility bills, investments and a slew of other responsibilities that are compressed into a 15-20 hour day (hey, we have to sleep sometimes). Speaking of sleep, when you add the fact a majority of American adults do not get enough sleep, it's a wonder we can remember our own names sometimes.

We are overworked, overburdened and stressed-out to the hilt but that doesn't mean that we can't learn to relax. By learning to quiet your mind using Whole Mind techniques, you would be surprised how much you can remember (so our wedding anniversary is on the 15th! No wonder I get such a look from my spouse on the 16th). By entering a state of complete mental silence, you can reprogram your mind to improve your effectiveness. With the help of Whole Mind, you can remember all the important aspects of your work and your life and still have time to properly relax and get a good night sleep for a change. Well, that's one challenge of adulthood defeated, now if we can only find a cure for male pattern baldness...

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Unwinding during the Holidays

Posted: Friday, July 6, 2007
At : 10:24 AM

As we finish this holiday week it is a good time to reflect on the American practice of relaxation. With the July 4th holiday falling mid-week it is interesting to note the large majority of Americans who were unable, as a result of company policy or personal attitudes, to take a real vacation.

Anecdotally we noticed a large portion of people who despite lack of focus and motivation, due to the holidays, still decided to work at least half days on Thursday and Friday.

Why do Americans avoid holidays? Why do we not allow time off for rest and contemplation?

As part of the Whole Mind Success program we teach that reflection and inner thought is vitally important to the creative and productive process. People need vacation and rest in order to be more productive and creative.

While we may be unable to convince you with this blog to take a week off we can teach you to open your mind to creative processes and unlock the silence.

As this holiday week comes to a close may we suggest that you take a break for you.

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What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Posted: Friday, June 29, 2007
At : 11:56 AM

The word Entrepreneur has been thrown around a lot lately. In a country that thrives on capitalism at its most concentrated , we are inundated with the romantic idea of the average Joe or Joanne throwing off the shackles of corporate America and becoming an Entrepreneur with nothing more than an idea and the will to make it happen.

Unfortunately most of these tales do not have a happy ending as a vast majority of small businesses never make it to the fifth year of existence. The reason?

Well there are a multitude, but one of the main reasons is the misunderstanding of what Entrepreneurship represents. Being an Entrepreneur is more than just having a good idea. It means being part leader, part manager, part salesman, part creative director all while bearing the stress of taking on multiple roles while attempting to achieve maximum profitability.

An Entrepreneur means transcending the typical "right brain" and "left brain" mentality and utilize the "whole mind", thus increasing the focus, productivity, and creativity necessary to achieve the goals an entrepreneur encounters on a daily basis.

Whether it is the attorney who wants to start her own firm, the plumber who chooses to go on his own, or the online merchant who decides that there is money to be made outside of EBay, the Entrepreneurial spirit might shine, but like a diamond, there are many facets, each more important than the last, and the proper usage of Whole Mind techniques is essential in transforming a diamond in the rough into a true jewel.

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Who is Creative?

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007
At : 9:01 AM

While skipping through television channels yesterday I came upon the program "American Choppers". For those who have not viewed this show; it chronicles the lives of a family of custom motorcycle builders as they work on special projects and designs.

During this particular program they were tasked with building a custom bike to be used by a guitar manufacturer in marketing at events. As part of the show the main characters visited the guitar manufacturing plant and toured their design studio.

It was there that the group discussed creativity and how the guitar company's "designers" developed new guitar designs. It was eluded in the discussion that only the "designers" develop the unique products while the workers build them.

At Whole Mind Success we recognize that not only can "designers" develop innovative ideas but employees throughout the ranks, with proper training, can be as creative as any special "designer".

This point was better demonstrated when later in the program, during the bike build up, the fabricators added some personal touches and creative elements that made the finished bike shine. Their creative use of special skills added to the design and further enhanced the total creativity and uniqueness of the project.

Creativity is not limited to the special few; rather it is open to all who allow for creative thought.

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What is Creativity?

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
At : 5:15 PM

In January 2000, the British government's response to a report published by the National Advisory Committee on Creative and Cultural Education (NACCCE) helped implement a revised nationwide curriculum for creative and cultural education.

The NACCCE report stated that each one of us is, or can be much more creative if given the opportunity.

They defined creativity as involving thinking and behaving imaginatively. This imaginative activity is purposeful and must generate something which is original and of value.

Creativity is being imaginative and inventive; challenging conventions and taking risks.

Several studies have shown that we are naturally creative, but that our environment and a "left brain" educational system help us "unlearn" our natural creativity.

The good news is that our creativity can be reawakened by simple, practical methods - methods that will help remove the barriers to our becoming innovative leaders.

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Productivity and Outsourcing: How to keep American Jobs

Posted: Friday, June 8, 2007
At : 9:41 AM

Job Outsourcing has been a growing concern in our country for quite some years now.

It initially began with the easy repetitive jobs done by unskilled workers, but today it involves the outsourcing of so-called knowledge worker's jobs. All of these tasks have mainly used the Left Brain, and they can eventually be shipped to any country with a cheap, educated, labor force.

So what can we do?

Rather than lament the inevitable tide of progress, American workers need to focus on our other talents - our great tradition of Creativity and Innovation. We are in the post-industrial age today, an age where America must lead the world in the conceptual arena - coming up with new ideas and concepts, developing and using our inherent creative and innovative skills.

These skills require not only the utilization of the Right Brain, but they also need us to learn to use our Whole Mind.

Using the Whole Mind means using both halves of our Brain, our Conscious and Subconscious minds, and unleashing the power of Silence, which leads to true Innovation and Creativity - both of which happen to be the end result of practicing Whole Mind Success.

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Whole Mind Success and the Martial Arts

Posted: Friday, May 25, 2007
At : 4:25 PM

Success in the Martial Arts depends on the mind. After a student learns the basic physical techniques which lead to a Black Belt, the student should be defending attacks automatically, without thinking too much about "what to do?"

True success in the Martial Arts depends on the training of the mind. After completing the years of practice and training required for a Black Belt, the student is ready to learn the key to success in the martial arts - silence.

In our Whole Mind Success seminars, students will learn how to enter the "quiet space" from within which they can make the ideal moves to deal with anything their opponent throws at them.

Whole Mind Success addresses the Yin and Yang of Wushu (martial art) - balancing the left and right energies and working from the balanced "center".

It enables dedicated students to achieve mental discipline and enhance their skills in the martial arts.

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The New Employee is the "white collar worker"

Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007
At : 2:19 PM

Today's employees are knowledge-based, and service oriented. They want more than just money from their work. They dislike too much management control and want a more broadly defined job in which they can use their higher education, skills and values.

Your best employees want to participate in decisions, contribute to the bottom line and they demand respect and appreciation.

Because of this, Senior Management must provide the appropriate training and environment for their skilled employees to prosper.

This is where Whole Mind Success comes in, by showing employees how to:

  • Use their existing capabilities fully and effectively
  • Increase their range of skills
  • Target and achieve company-specific goals.

Whole Mind Success methods have helped many companies improve their bottom line – higher profits from improved creativity and productivity, and meeting goals on target and on time.

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Thank You to the Thousand Oaks Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2007
At : 9:57 AM

On Friday April 13 Whole Mind Success was invited to present to 85 small business owners at the Los Robles Greens.

The customized presentation condensed a full day seminar into 45 minutes of bullet points and general concepts. Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive with everyone lauding Whole Mind Success as a great tool for bringing creativity into their business.

A great success for the chamber and Whole Mind Success. We enjoyed the meeting.

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Expanding the Horizons for Executives

Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007
At : 9:27 AM

Executives who want to excel at their daily tasks while also making creative contributions to their organizations will benefit from Whole Mind Success seminars.

They will learn how to enhance the skills required for innovation and leadership. Discover how to identify goals and maximize their abilities to achieve them. Remove old thought patterns which prevent innovation and enhance their ability to trigger break throughs in perception and creative insight.

Whole Mind Success seminars show you how to Unlock the Silence providing the framework for creativity even in the daily chaos of corporate life. These techniques will enhance the various skills required to be an effective executive.

... to be continued

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What Whole Mind Success Gives You

Posted: Friday, March 9, 2007
At : 10:52 AM

The seminar was amazing... halfway through the morning, I suddenly entered "the zone" - it was unbelievable. I used to try so hard to get into that state where everything is just so effortless...where the ball appears in slow motion, and the bat feels so wide.....Whole Mind Success rocks!

- these were the words of a Major League baseball player after he attended our seminar.

Of course not all seminar participants have had instant results, but they will enthusiastically relate to how Whole Mind Success techniques began to work for them within weeks - in both their business and personal lives.

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Breakthroughs in Science

Posted: Tuesday, March 6, 2007
At : 1:23 PM

In 2006, a breakthrough by MIT researchers allowed scientists to observe neurons within a living animal's brain, and to study how neurons changed in response to an experience.

This will soon provide a new method of verifying the effectiveness of Whole Mind Success techniques in enhancing our creative and innovative capabilities.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory used a new brain-imaging system which allowed them to see how genes shaped the brain in response to the environment.

We will be able to actually "see", instantaneously, what happens within our brains as we practice Whole Mind techniques. We could view the growth of new neural circuits which allow us to use both halves of the brain effectively.

Of course, for most of us, the end result is what we are really interested in - the development of new skills, increased creativity, innovation and effective leadership - something that many Whole Mind Success students are enjoying daily.

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It was as if, for the first time, I was really seeing

Posted: Friday, February 16, 2007
At : 1:30 PM

... a comment from one of our participants at last week's Whole Mind Success seminar.

Steve J who studied film at the famous Brooks Institute, runs his own business production company that provides custom video and television production to businesses.

For someone in the film or photography industry, the ability to truly see clearly, to observe "what is", rather than what we think we see, is essential to ensure the transition from good to great.

Great filmmakers possess a wealth of qualities, three of which are:

Creativity: Great filmmakers are truly creative, producing ideas for the story, the music and all the elements of great film-making.

Vision: Great filmmakers have wide-ranging vision and visualize a film from the initial concept through to the final product. They are consummate goal setters who always focus on their final goal.

Decisiveness: Great filmmakers are able to make high quality decisions based on detailed observations (data) and a clear understanding of their final goals. They ensure that these decisions are acted upon in a timely manner to help ensure that production schedules are met.

The science-based techniques of Whole Mind Success give people from a variety of backgrounds the tools to become more creative, productive and innovative.

Methods for effectively setting and achieving goals, and techniques to ensure the best decisions are some of what you will learn at our seminars.

Whether you are in film or photography, the arts or the sciences, management or being managed, Whole Mind Success methods ensure that you reach the next level in your field - from good to truly GREAT.

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Neurological Changes Over Time

Posted: Saturday, February 10, 2007
At : 12:43 AM

Last week's blog was about neural plasticity, which is the ability of neurons to modify their connections, thus making those neural circuits more efficient.

Neural plasticity is that property of our brains which makes learning and memory possible.

These morphological (form and structure) changes in the brain also occur when using Whole Mind Success techniques. Studies have shown that with regular practice, new neural circuits are established in our brains within a matter of weeks.

We can relate these processes to the ubiquitous home computer. Our brains are like a computer with an intricate network of hard-wiring. The brain's software uses its incredible processing capabilities for various functions; such as sight, smell, hearing and language. The specialized functions of different areas of our brains are shaped by learning and experience.

All of us acquire and develop our own software, so that we can make use of our brain's tremendous processing power. How wonderful it would be if we could target an increase in creativity and productivity by using this processing power.

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Science of the Mind - Scientific Research Supporting Whole Mind Success

Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2007
At : 12:12 PM

Some Recent Advances in Neural Plasticity:

Excerpt from a report by Dr. Timothy M. Barth, Texas Christian University (text highlights by Whole Mind Success)
  • Does the Brain Control Behavior or Does Behavior Control the Brain?
Consider the following scenario. Al and Pete die at about the same age and leave their brains to science. They were roughly of the same height and weight. When the two brains are compared, it is discovered that Al has a heavier brain with a thicker neocortex.
  • What is a possible reason for this difference?
You may be surprised to find out that the differences in brain weight and cortical thickness are probably due to the growth of dendrites and increased number of glia in Al's brain. It is almost certainly not due to a larger number of neurons. Moreover, the differences in brain size are likely due to individual differences in their environment.

That the morphology of neurons and number of glia have the potential for change is not a new concept. In fact, experiments done in the 1960s and 70s by Rosenzweig and colleagues suggested that being reared in an enriched environment can lead to differences like those described in the scenario with Al and Pete (Bennett, Diamond, Kretch, & Rosenzweig, 1964; Diamond et al., 1966; Diamond, Lindner, & Raymond, 1967; Globus, Rosenzweig, Bennett, & Diamond, 1973; Rosenzweig, Bennett, & Diamond, 1972a; 1972b; Rosenzweig, Kretch, Bennett, & Zolman, 1962).

More recent studies indicate that a relatively short period of exposure (i.e., 4 days) to the enriched environment may be sufficient to produce some of these morphological changes (Wallace, Killman, Withers, & Greenough, 1992).

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The First Hurdle to Opening Our Minds

Posted: Friday, January 26, 2007
At : 10:38 AM

There is, however, one serious challenge to achieving this reprogramming and thus improving our mental prowess.

We must first learn how to enter a state of mental silence, which is a significant challenge for many of us in today's world, where our senses are constantly bombarded. We also know that most people are rarely able to quiet their minds; there is always self-talk, good and bad, in all of us, which prevents a clear perception of pressing issues.

Recent neurological studies and brain imaging techniques clearly demonstrate the power and effectiveness of silence in the reprogramming process.

This is where Whole Mind Success seminars are unique; you actually achieve a quiet mind, and then begin the reprogramming process, which results in profound insights, and produces the ideal solution to any problem. The result is a tremendous increase in creativity and problem solving skills.

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Reprogramming the Brain at any Age

Posted: Friday, January 19, 2007
At : 9:59 AM

Modern medical research has shown that the human brain can be reprogrammed at any age, and that we can develop new skills and increase our capacity to solve any problems we may encounter.

Since most of us have challenging problems that we are trying to resolve - both business and personal - might it be possible that we have, within us, the power to solve more of these problems than we realize?

The answer is an absolutely and emphatically resounding "yes"!

There is, however, one serious challenge to achieving this reprogramming and thus improving our mental prowess.

... to be continued ...

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Wall Street Journal - Discovers our secret!

At : 9:48 AM

Whole Mind Success would like to applaud the Wall Street Journal for printing an article entitled "How Thinking Can Change the Brain" by Sharon Begley. An excerpt...

"It would come from inside. Something as intangible and insubstantial as a thought would rewire the brain. To the mandarins of neuroscience, the very idea seemed as likely as the wings of a butterfly leaving a dent on an armored tank."

In this article Sharon discusses the vast opportunities just now being discovered by Western scientists but utilized for ages by Eastern cultures.

Whole Mind Success has utilized the benefits presented by the mind to improve people and companies for the last 20 years. We welcome the support of the Wall Street Journal on this topic.

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What is Whole Mind Success?

Posted: Friday, January 5, 2007
At : 1:42 PM

As its name indicates, Whole Mind Success is a unique method of using the whole mind in both our business and personal lives. To help achieve this, Whole Mind Success uses the latest developments in medicine, particularly in the fields of neuroscience and psychology. This is combined with a method to silence the mind, which reduces the constant "noise" in our heads. The result is that our perception is no longer clouded by our conditioning and constant "mind chatter" - allowing us to create and to work with far greater efficiency.

The whole mind consists of the left and right brain, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind.

Using proven methods, Whole Mind Success shows the individual how to use and access all of these components, which results in a tremendous increase in our creativity and productivity.

Seminar attendees have seen benefits such as more effective business decisions, new engineering designs, creative artwork, and improved performance in games (baseball, golf, etc.).

Whole Mind Success focuses on helping people better themselves.

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A Little Background on Bala Kanayson - Creator of Whole Mind Success

Posted: Saturday, December 23, 2006
At : 12:42 AM

Born in the wealthy island state of Singapore, Bala Kanayson, founder of Whole Mind Success, traveled the world, before finally deciding to settle down here, in the United States of America.

Educated in Singapore and England, Bala is a Chartered Engineer (Aerospace) and a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

While working for Rolls-Royce Aerospace in England, Bala's research work was noticed by his company's competitors. He was soon offered jobs in research and design by both Pratt & Whitney and GE Aircraft Engines; which took him to Canada and the USA. In addition to his education in engineering and stress reduction, Bala has studied neurology and psychology. He combined these fields to develop Whole Mind Success; a practical method of increasing creativity and productivity, while leading a balanced life.

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