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Music & Memory II

Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2009
At : 12:43 PM

The nature of Memory on a neuronal level is not as clear cut as the popular press leads us to believe.

With functional MRIs and other brain-imaging techniques, we discover that certain areas of the brain are used during short-term or long-term memory. Just as there is no "one" memory, there is no one area that 'deals' with memory.

In the case of music, our auditory memory involves listening, processing, storing and recalling sounds - in this case, music. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the right hemisphere which is involved, but also the left. The temporal lobe also plays a major role in musical memory.

Listening to Mozart is pleasurable, but despite popular stories, there is no definitive proof of its benefits on memory. In fact, the one study responsible for the excitement was on college students who took the spatial recognition test and showed an improvement which lasted for less than 15 minutes. Attempts by other research institutions to repeat these findings have not been successful.

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Can Dementia be Prevented?

Posted: Friday, September 5, 2008
At : 4:45 PM

Cognitive research clearly indicates that deliberately taxing the brain and forcing seniors to work at complex rasks helps delay the onset of Dementia.

More recently, there are some who are finding evidence that Dementia can actually be prevented.

Some of the methods used are similar to techniques taught at Whole Mind Success seminars.

It thus appears likely that in addition to increasing your Creativity and Productivity, Whole Mind Success will help prevent the onset of Dementia - and allow us to lead a productive life at any age.

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Whole Mind Success and Aging - The Ageing Brain

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2008
At : 4:53 PM

Whole Mind Success and Aging

The Aging Brain

How do we define aging? Is it something that occurs at a particular chronological age? - a number that we arbitrarily pick - say 65, the retirement age of our parents’ generation?

Well, if you talk to some 80 year-olds today, you may well find out that not only do they still feel young, but that they are mentally alert and emotionally well balanced.

So, is old age all in the mind? If it is, can using some of the techniques from our Whole Mind Success seminars help to delay the symptoms of ageing?

Can the problems of ageing such as memory loss, sleep issues and dementia be delayed or even prevented?

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