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Nurture and Creativity in Children

Posted: Tuesday, November 3, 2009
At : 8:23 AM

As we continue our focus on children this Fall, we would like to report recent research on children and learning.

The latest published papers turn our *modern* thinking upside down.
Parking your kids in front of the TV with a *learning* DVD does NOT do the trick!!

In fact rigorous tests have shown that direct human interaction and immediate rewards have a far greater effect on academic skills than watching a *Einstein training* DVD.

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Radio - TV - Internet

Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2009
At : 11:53 PM

The "new" media began when Radio broadcasts were more widely available in the 1920s, with president Hoover calling it an Instrument of Learning and Beauty.

Then in the early 40s we saw the growth of Television broadcasts in the USA, and eventually the 1990's made the worldwide web, the Internet, available to the public - and the new Information Age took off.

Radio has recently seen a revival, with increasing numbers of people listening to programs on the internet. In fact recent surveys report that one in three people now listen to the radio via the internet.

The internet, of course, is also a great resource for Education and Training. The number of students doing on-line degrees has risen, and nearly 4 million students have taken at least one on-line course.

Whole Mind Success is also offering some of its methods on-line. We will be helping to develop a Creativity curriculum as part of a new Global Learning website.

We expect that this will provide the opportunity for many more people in our international community to learn practical methods to increase their creativity - and to do so whenever they choose, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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Start Young and Delay Dementia

Posted: Monday, July 20, 2009
At : 10:46 AM

We have known for some time that adults who regularly challenge their brains succumb to dementia less often and at older ages than seniors who are intellectually lazy.

The brain can grow new neural connections and strengthen weak ones at ANY age - if exercised.

There is also a link between educational level and dementia which suggests that mental activity in young adulthood helps delay dementia later.

Psychologists at the University of Toronto found that older subjects who had the most education during their youth did the best on memory tests.

So if you want to forestall dementia in your golden years, get as much formal education as you can when you are young. Of course if you're already past that stage, then you should start challenging yourself right now.

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