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Can Dementia be Prevented?

Posted: Friday, September 5, 2008
At : 4:45 PM

Cognitive research clearly indicates that deliberately taxing the brain and forcing seniors to work at complex rasks helps delay the onset of Dementia.

More recently, there are some who are finding evidence that Dementia can actually be prevented.

Some of the methods used are similar to techniques taught at Whole Mind Success seminars.

It thus appears likely that in addition to increasing your Creativity and Productivity, Whole Mind Success will help prevent the onset of Dementia - and allow us to lead a productive life at any age.

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A Healthy Brain - Avoiding Dementia

Posted: Monday, August 18, 2008
At : 10:06 PM

Old age and dementia need not be synonymous.

As we age, we can, and should, maintain an alert mind.

A strong memory, analytical abilities and mental dexterity are the reward of
using Whole MInd Success methods regularly throughout our lives.

Today's fMRIs show us the increased neural connections and the development of new neural circuits in our brains - when we "exercise" our brains regularly.

We all deserve to grow old with continued good physical and mental health.
Old age is NOT synonymous with dementia.

- KM

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92 Year Old Seniors & 22 Year Old Youths

Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2008
At : 11:23 PM

Last Thursday night we introduced Seniors to the Benefits of Whole Mind Success.
The event at our local Goebel Senior Center was well received, with many requests for follow-up programs.
The next morning, nearly 40 Young people were learning to use Whole Mind Creativity methods in ther creative work.
There were aspiring Film-Makers, Movie Producers and Professional Photographers.

It is wonderful how Whole Mind methods can help both the young and the old.

As we now know, the brain can produce neurons and build neural circuits at any age.

Your Seminar Consultants,
Ken & David

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What is Aging? - the Neuroscience of Ageing

Posted: Monday, April 21, 2008
At : 3:43 PM

What is Aging? - The Neuroscience of Ageing

Ageing is usually thought of as a process of steady deterioration in our physical and mental capabilities as our chronological age increases.

An old person could be someone who is 80 - or, as blogger lilmama thinks, it could be 30
As lilmama writes:

I will be 30 in Sept. and I feel like I'm losing my youth.
Can I still be considered cool?
Is 30 all downhill?
I want to be young and cool forever!


Common signs of aging are a slowing down of our physical capabilities and a recognizable deterioration in some of our mental faculties.
More frequent memory lapses, difficulty in focusing, taking longer to understand others … these are some of the symptoms of mental aging.

Brain aging is a complex phenomenon, and several theories have been presented to try and explain the process.
What we do know is that genetic and environmental factors play a large part in the ageing process.

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Whole Mind Success and Aging - The Ageing Brain

Posted: Friday, April 18, 2008
At : 4:53 PM

Whole Mind Success and Aging

The Aging Brain

How do we define aging? Is it something that occurs at a particular chronological age? - a number that we arbitrarily pick - say 65, the retirement age of our parents’ generation?

Well, if you talk to some 80 year-olds today, you may well find out that not only do they still feel young, but that they are mentally alert and emotionally well balanced.

So, is old age all in the mind? If it is, can using some of the techniques from our Whole Mind Success seminars help to delay the symptoms of ageing?

Can the problems of ageing such as memory loss, sleep issues and dementia be delayed or even prevented?

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