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Laughter and your Brain - Creativity?

Posted: Monday, March 30, 2009
At : 1:14 PM

Here is a far from humorous account of the neuroscience of laughter.

As we know, the creativity which results in the "eureka" moment is often accompanied by laughter.

The areas of the brain involved in laughter include the

* Left superior frontal gyrus (a part of the Frontal Lobe of the brain)
* Temporal Lobe
* Hypothalamus

The physiological effects of laughter include:

* Increased heart rate
* Increased rate and/or change in breathing
* Increased blood pressure
* Strengthened immune system
* Reduced levels of various nurochemicals – the catecholines and hormones.


After abdominal surgery or broken ribs AVOID laughing.
Excessive laughing has sometimes led to heart attacks.

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