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What Others Are Saying
  What some of our recent attendees have to say
about Whole Mind Success®.

Extremely well presented, there was a flow to the day, you really felt you were going somewhere, toward a goal.
Dennis K, VP Marketing, Lucent Technologies

Bala represents what I want. He is totally relaxed and capable of wielding tremendous personal power.
Joan C, Project Manager, Sapient Corporation

These techniques are not only interesting, they are extremely revealing.
David J, Executive Financial Planner, Creative Financial Group

Bala showed me how to quiet the mind, busy out the dominant side and let the other side become more active. I could almost feel it as it happened.
Lorenzo B, Chief Technician, Conejo Copier Service

It was an eye-opening experience that helps me in business, my family, and as a marathon runner.
Laura S, Marketing Executive, ProJoba International

I was impressed with Bala’s 21 day approach to building positive new habits, my problem solving skills have grown tremendously.
Ron P, Director, General Motors

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